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The SocialMUD Game Server is a platform for fan fiction that you can build upon to create your own custom online gaming experience for hundreds of users at a time. Use the integrated game mechanics to create any type of adventure you can imagine, including medieval, science fiction, gangster, or any other genre.


  • One of the primary goals is to contribute to the game developer community by providing a platform that aspiring or novice game developers can deploy easily and without large expense.
  • A secondary goal of mine is to generate a little revenue from the ads that display to help pay for my college tuition. :)


  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Player vs Player
  • Put a Bounty on Someone
  • Hire Mercenaries
  • Get Companions
  • Go on a Quest
  • Start or Join a Tribe
  • Secret Group Chats


  • Ad Sponsored - Our community generates revenue by displaying targeted advertising.
  • Private Community - You must be referred by someone to join our community for free.
  • Bonus Survival Kit - Make a donation and receive an in-game surprise bonuses!
  • Tournaments - Low cost entry fee and win cash prizes.

Source Requirements:

  • Uses PHP with MySQL database
  • Licensing that allows for modification and distribution
  • No-cost licensing of core scripts
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 valid markup
  • Attractive interface which can be themed
  • More...

Development Roadmap:

  • Integrate social network login
  • Mobile platform compliant
  • No pop-ups
  • Language translations
  • More...
  • Private social experience for clubs or groups.
  • Extend the worlds of movies or books.
  • Fundraiser system for profit or charity.
  • Fun for the whole family!

All of the free source code is written in plain-text php, html, css, and javascript. You can edit and customize without any special tools or utilities. The software will run on almost any regular web server that meets the minimum basic requirements.

Campaign Packs

The server software has an expansion system and allows for custom scenarios through the introduction of 'campaign packs' which you can download or build yourself. 'Pathfinder: Legend of the Red Dragon' is included in the initial realease and takes place in the sword and sorcery world of Pathfinder.

Custom Skins / Themes

Easy to customize! The template system uses a basic structure which consists of a regular web page, stylesheet, and images. There are special token objects for the game to know where to put specific information. It is very easy to create your own theme based on one of the provided examples or use any standard website template. We hope you enjoy the game!

Why this website?

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to interact with various people from all over the world, at the same time! Remote chess games were great but things have changed drastically and now games which support hundreds or even thousands of players are possible. Until recently however, large games and social sites have been dominated by large corporations who are stifled by their sheer size and enormous budgets. If only individuals could have some of this power...

Open-Source Games

There is already a huge group of people who develop projects for the good of humanity. They are called open-source developers and many have created games! After I completed an extensive evaluation of dozens of these games, I had a short list of those which had the functionality I would like to include in a game I'd like to play. I decided to choose one and contribute to the effort by creating professional graphics and modern front-end html code.

Legend of the Green Dragon

I ultimately decided that LotGD would be a good place to start. For the most part, it has run the full course of product evolution and in doing so has developed an immense (and possibly fanatical) following of users and developers. In addition it has been in desperate need of a cosmetic overhaul. As I started tearing into the code and updating the interface I kept finding things that I thought could be a little bit better. So although this game is basically Green Dragon (on steroids), it has been modified to such an extent that it is not really compatible with the original game.

Where does the money go?

So far, there hasn't been any money but the game is structured in such a way to allow for a little potential income. I've heard of people making a reasonable income just off hosting a popular web-based game, so initially I thought this might be a good way to help pay off my student loans. Now however, I'd just like to be able to continue working on the project. Any income generated by this project will go directly to its continued development.

When will the new game be released?

I would like everybody to be able to run a copy of this game if they want to, and I'd like it to happen as soon as possible. However, since I won't be able to offer any type of support, I'd like to make sure that the bugs and issues have been flushed out and the key functionality is working as designed. This is going to take some time, so please be patient. If you want to help make things move along faster, please donate some cash or spend some time playing the beta version and reporting problems or making suggestions. Also, be sure to refer your friends. Your group can form a clan and dominate this instance of the game.

What if I want the game code right now?

All of the source code is available from

Additional Info:

  • If you have any questions or input regarding this project, please contact me using the support system at, or on my website

  • PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR THE SOURCE CODE!! This project is in "Beta Test" phase so if you want to participate, play the game and submit constructive information. When testing is complete the code will be published here on this website for everyone to download for free.

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